Monday, May 30, 2016

Value for money

Salam and good day.
Today i'm wearing new shoe that i bought yesterday. As for me the price is affordable at RM60. Its not a popular brand and i even have not heard about this brand namely Mix Point.
Talking about value for money, layman talks that you buy the best thing with the best price. Best thing refer to best quality. Normally when people talking about quality, the price is higher compare to normal one.But not necessarily all the best quality will be higher cost as sometimes there are things that looks normal but the quality is the best. For instance, I used to buy RM5 belt but it can last for a quite sometimes compared to my other belts which the cost is even higher. So you better change you perception. Hehe
I hope my new shoe is value for money eventhough it is not Adidas, Nike, Timberland, Camel, Clarks, Crocodile and etc. You do not know about certain things until you try it. So now i try  Mix Point shoe so that i can judge the quality later. But again, it also depends on how you use and preserve it. Bye.

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